Amazon Quiz 18 July 2021 Answers Today

Amazon Quiz answers today 18 July 2021

Amazon Quiz 18 July 2021 Answers Today – Amazon Daily Quiz answers Today, Amazon Quiz allows the customers to win bumper prizes while sitting at home. You just have to give five Question answers correctly for eligible to win prizes .

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

  1. Forrest Officers
  2. NASA
  3. North Pole
  4. Spa
  5. Chakrasana

Is Amazon Quiz prize Real ?

Yes , absolutely all Amazon Quiz is genuine, not fake . By answering Five Questions daily, you can own some exciting prizes . Personally I do not win any prizes from Amazon Quiz .

Does Amazon really give free prizes ?

Yes. It does. It publishes the names of the winners too in the Amazon app. And if we talk about Amazon so when a Company is Spreading Millions of dollars on it’s Indian business operations , A few Lakh worth prizes is like pocket change for them .

Where is Amazon Quiz ?

The Amazon quiz is only available on Amazon mobile app.

When Amazon quiz winners declare?

Winners will be updated on the same day of daily Amazon Quiz.., and direct link of winner announcement is available in footer of the post.

If you are a new user of Amazon , so firstly you have to download Amazon app from play store and then you have to sign in , Then search Quiz in search Then click on Funzone….

Please Do Search “Amazon Quiz Answers from” or  “ ”…

Today’s Amazon quiz details:- 

Organizers:-Amazon India
Today’s Amazon Quiz:-Amazon Daily Quiz
Quiz’s Date:-18 July 2021
Winner Announcement:-19 July 2021
Quiz’s time:-12Am every day
Today’s Prizes:-₹ 15000

Today’s Amazon Quiz is based on five Questions….give all answers currectly to become an eligible for lucky draw and win prizes…

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Amazon Quiz 18 July 2021 Answers today – win ₹15000 :-


Question 1:- ‘The Green Queens of India- Nation’s Pride’, is a book compilation of the extraordinary works done by which group of women?

Answer :- Forrest Officers

Question 2:- NISAR is a joint Earth-observing mission between ISRO and which other space agency?

Answer :- NASA

Question 3:- In a first, astronomers have recently detected a ‘Space hurricane’ in Earth’s upper atmosphere in which region?

Answer :- North Pole

Question 4:- In which place will you have to go normally to experience this service?

Answer :- Spa

Question 5:- What do you call this particular yoga pose?

Answer :- Chakrasana

Winners announcement:-

You can also check winners list of all the Amazon quiz.. click in below link 

Lucky draw Winners 

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